AUTUMN, 2019

To My Beautiful Friends That Almighty God Has Given Me:

Almighty God knows our locations.  In Acts He gives all their boundaries:

               Acts 17:22-31 (Awesome Scripture)

Alleluia!  He will perform plans and purposes for our lives  By faith we walk in The Spirit – keep in step with the The Spirit of God – Alleluia!

We receive strength, peace hope and love.  God is high and lifted up and will be exalted and honored in His purposes of the Kingdom.

               Isaiah 26:12

– Love Children of Hope & Sister Cathy

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About Children of Hope

“He executes justice for the fatherless and widow, and loves the stranger or temporary resident and gives him food and clothing.” – Deuteronomy, 10:18 Children of Hope Inc. (a registered 501(c)(3) public charity) is a Long Island mission of community outreach services that aims to remediate the suffering of children caused by poverty, domestic violence, dysfunctional home life, and educational neglect.

Founded by Catherine Smith (affectionately known to those around her as “Sister Cathy”), Children of Hope provides children-in-need with: * A Refuge of Safety While Their Parents Work * Meals, Clothing, and Hygiene Services * Tutoring and Academic Attention * Religious Education & Character Development * Summer Camp & Recreational Programs At various points, the Children of Hope mission has also served as a foster home for children whose parents were temporarily incapacitated due to illness, addiction or poverty. In addition, through her affiliation with The Fresh Air Fund, Sister Cathy has provided children from New York City with an opportunity to attend the suburban summer camp program that she directs. The mission is open seven days a week, day and night, and provides a safe environment of love, enrichment, discipline and opportunity for the most disadvantaged of Long Island’s children. During the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, Children of Hope solicits donations of food, toys, clothing and other items to help local disadvantaged families to bridge the gap and provide their children with joy on these special occasions.



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