Our names are Max and Anthony Larrieux. We first met Sister Cathy as a babysitter and a tutor when we were 5 and 6, respectively. She really helped to bring up our grades in school, and gave us a secure place to stay before school and until our father or other relative picked us up after school. Also, she took us and other kids to her church on Friday nights where we would meet other kids and have fun in a program called Rangers & Pioneers. Things were going well for us.


Max & Anthony - Then & Now


Later that year our house burned down and we lived in a trailer in our front lawn for months. Our mother and father had problems with each other and we were in a bad situation. To make things worse, the electricity went out in our trailer. We couldn’t live like this much longer, so one morning, we went to Sister Cathy like we usually did before school, but with our social worker. We had no idea what was going on. Our social worker asked Sister Cathy if she would take us in, and she did not hesitate to say “yes.” We had no idea what was going on until later that night (in February 2002) when no family members picked us up. We were both crying when Sister Cathy told us we were going to live with her for a while. But soon as we learned more about the situation, we came to appreciate the things she gave us.

One great thing about Sister Cathy was that she always put education first. As a result we became honor roll students many times. As soon as we got home from school, she made sure we finished our homework before doing anything else. She also checked over our homework to make sure it was impeccable. She disciplined and developed us in a way our parents never could, and it worked. She did everything she needed to do for us, and more. We always had great health as we regularly went to the doctor. The things she taught us that we remember and value today were to stay out of trouble, to do great in school, and most importantly she taught us about Jesus. Along our journey, we have met some great people. People like Dr. John Cottone, Dr. Dave McClean, Mr. Seymour and his family, and countless others who have helped us and Sister Cathy, and still continue to do so. During the holidays, we would visit their families and have great times. We finally came back to live with our family in Florida in June 2010. We have had many great memories with Sister Cathy and our friends, and hopefully many more. Without Sister Cathy’s massive positive impact in our lives, we could be in a foster home right now. Sister Cathy and our friends, like Dr. Cottone, still help us out a lot, and we still keep in touch. If it wasn’t for Sister Cathy, we wouldn’t be where we are today.



Children of Hope has helped my family and I a great deal.  They have always been there for us when we needed them the most.  Whenever we needed them we were never disappointed.  They’ve always provided for us each time with tender love and care.  I can honestly say that I enjoy bringing children to Children of Hope because they always accept us open-hearted and make us feel very comfortable.  The people at Children of Hope are genuine, kind-hearted and caring.  I couldn’t imagine dealing with anyone else other than them.  They are a huge contribution to our community and we just adore and appreciate them for all that they have done for us.  Thank you Children of Hope.
– Maria Gustave

August 15, 2015



Wendy McLean
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Letter - Wendy M (No ID)

Belinda Barnes
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Letter - Belinda B (No ID)

Erna Stanfield
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Letter - Erna S (No ID)

One response to “TESTIMONIALS

  1. Dawn

    Hello Sister Cathy. It had been my pleasure to meet and share some time with you. Little did I know what an amazing woman was sitting there taking with me.. This is humbling. Pretty cool lady. Love, Dawn (Kristin’s sister)

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