August 7, 2017


Children of Hope alumni, Max and Anthony Larrieux, came home to surprise Sister Cathy with a visit.

Max & Anthony & Sister Cathy


Here’s the video of the reunion.


In this video, Max and Anthony reflect on what Sister Cathy and Children of Hope have meant to them.


Love, my friends, from C.O.H. Mission Outreach and Sister Cathy


Numbers 6:24  

“The Lord bless thee and keep thee.”


March 11, 2016

Children of Hope tutoring is a gift from God.  We focus on the hidden treasures part of our society.  They are on the heart of God.  Parents and guardians work very hard to maintain the necessities of life.  We adjust our schedules to serve their children.

Children of Hope connects with their teachers, their input continues the students’ productivity.  Connection with school staff is vital.  If the student is struggling in any subject, we advise to ask the teacher for help.

All honor goes to our awesome God.  God has brought many beautiful children to Children of Hope Mission.  I am writing about four students in our COH tutoring program:

One student, a child with autism, is age 13 and he is a kind and brilliant child.

A second student, Spicy, is an 8-year-old girl with hearing problems (and wears a hearing aid) but is determined to be productive.  She recently won an award from her school!

A third student, another 8-year-old girl, recently received a report card demonstrating that she is excelling in all subjects, except one (but we are working hard to improve her grade in that class).  Though she goes for speech therapy, she still has the beauty of her mother’s country and language.

A fourth student is a 12-year-old boy whom we have had the pleasure of helping for 7 years.  Though he has been in special education for a while, by now he is probably saying “Give me a break, Sister Cathy ;)” because he has been on the honor roll.  However, this year is a challenging school year for him.  His grades started dropping while I was in prayer for help.  We started adjusting things: more one-on-one work and Saturday tutoring assistance.  There is hope for him to finish the year with excellence.

All students must read.  They read books twice, and all words they do not know they write down and are taught how to find their definitions in a dictionary.  Reading is a wonderful experience for them.  It gives them confidence when they share what they read.

                                          Timothy (6: 15)

Have many blessed weeks with God.

–  Sister Cathy


January 5, 2016

Hallelujah to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!!!

I thank my community friends who have helped me.  The God of salvation loves everyone.  They will have the privilege to know Him one day.  As we move forward to the greater, Children of Hope will proclaim the unknown God.

                                          Acts (17:24)

That is our assignment with the Body of Christ.


Children of Hope is extending its hands to the elderly forgotten treasures.  Distributing Items of Hope for Our Elderly Gems

 In our frailties and weakness our assignment is to proclaim:

                                          Acts (17:24)

“Not what you are already worshipping as an unknown, this I set forth to you.”

                                          Job (29:13b)

“And I caused the Widow’s heart to sing for joy.”


 September 22, 2015

I went to see the movie “War Room.”     (Click here for preview)
I humbly see God’s hand of mercy on this nation’s families, orphans, widows and strangers.
                                          Dueteronomy 10:18
The Holy Spirit is stirring a remnant to make a special place for God.  Praying every day for our churches, families, nations, orphans, widows and strangers.  As we are in fellowship with our awesome God, He will manifest His greatness.  The movie “War Room” is glorifying God.  The remnant is writing prayer requests and putting them in their special place of prayer.  Children of Hope has a prayer door.  The children’s prayer requests and mine are on the door and will be on the website.
Giving glory to God, the King of kings and Lord of lords will demonstrate His Power.
Enjoy God, love of God.  True repentance changes a life.
– Sister Cathy
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September 14, 2015

For many years I used to sing: “I see the Lord , He is high and lifted up and his train fills the Temple.”  I felt good when I sang it.  Now I have a real sincere understanding. I truly see Him high and lifted up in the Spirit.

People are now focusing on the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  Real forgiveness and God’s love is being manifested in the Body of Christ and our families.

Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. When we are honest with God, He helps us.  I couldn’t do it by myself.

                                          Corinthians II (3:5)

                                          Romans (12:11)

                                          Galatians (6:10)

I humbly take one day at a time so I can enjoy our God. He is precious.

– Love forever, Sister Cathy



July 13, 2015

Children of Hope Traveling Summer Fun Camp

The traveling summer camp is giving Glory to God.  The shelter administration is amazed that I am a volunteer, not on salary.  My greatest camp moment so far was when I asked the children: “What does God love?”  They replied: “Peace, love and people.”  One beautiful boy, age 3, said “God loves me!”  How precious.  I will never forget that.

– Sister Cathy